Hello, 2023! Happy New Year!

Hello, 2023! Happy New Year! Wow, time goes by so fast! Things have been quiet, but things are still in progress! Mixes of our new album are continuing; as you can imagine, ten songs take some time to put together and get them to sound the way we envision. In the meantime, we have been taking the opportunity to travel and sticker bomb places like London, Amsterdam, and New York. If all goes well, we are even plotting a mini tour overseas in Helsinki, Finland, BUT that will take a lot of luck, so fingers crossed that we can make it happen!

And while the wait continues for new music, we are releasing some videos from our set on 9/30/2022 at the Starlet Room. In addition, a live video version of some new music may be included (one or two, maybe). But, for now, we have released a live performance of an oldy but goodie ‘my halo’ from that set. It came out pretty cool! A very special thank you to Paul Bates who filmed the set, John Bologni who recorded the audio, and our drummer, Armando Gonzales who editied the video. 

You can visit our YouTube page to check it out and subscribe to our page to be notified of new videos we release.

We are still plotting our course for 2023 and still writing new material. So again, we thank everyone for all the support over the years, it’s been nearly eight years since our ’33’ ep, but we promise we will still be releasing our first full-length album! Cheers!


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